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ENFOLIV is a brand name belonging to SMARC - The official distributor of TraphacoSapa's medicinal herbs to the globe.


We are committed to bringing premium quality products and the best service to our partners.


Our mission is bring premium medicinal herbs Vietnam brand to global.


Our vision is to be the global leader in providing high-quality herbal extracts that enhance well-being, offering a path to holistic health and vitality for people across the globe.


Artichokes help Sa Pa farmers prosper Artichokes help Sa Pa farmers prosper

Artichokes produced in Lào Cai Province contain a high concentration of cynarin, which can assist in lowering cholesterol and breaking down unwanted fat. Farmers in the region are cashing in on increased demand. 

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Artichoke – A Gift From The Nature Artichoke – A Gift From The Nature

Sapa is a land blessed with a cool climate, high humidity to develop precious herbs. Including artichoke flower – a valuable medicinal plant grown on the high peaks of Sapa. Sapa artichokes are considered to have a much higher quality content than other regions, so this herb is very popular with many people every time they come to Sapa.  

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Enfoliv Cordyceps  - Pure gold in the snow of Sapa, Vietnam Enfoliv Cordyceps - Pure gold in the snow of Sapa, Vietnam

Enfoliv Cordyceps belongs to the species Cordyceps Militaris which is cultivated from a strain of Japanese mushrooms certified by the Institute of Biology and Technology of Japan (very few units actively cultivate and have certification for the origin of the cultivated mushroom strain).  

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Sapa to become a key location for medicinal plant production by 2025 Sapa to become a key location for medicinal plant production by 2025

Sapa commune is continuing to increase development investments in order to become the primary site for medicinal plant production in Lao Cai by 2025.

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Enfoliv – Artichoke Extract

Cynara scolymus L is rich in caffeoylquinic acids (such as chlorogenic acid and cynarin) and flavonoids. Caffeoylquinic acids play a major role in bile formation, bowel function and hepatoprotective activities while the flavonoids of the plant inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis and LDL oxidation. In addition; cynarin, chlorogenic acid and luteolin show antioxidant activities

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Enfoliv – Cordyceps Extract Powder

Our cordyceps extract powder is from Cordyceps Militaris uses Japanese strains which is transferred from Center of Biological Resources – Japanese National Institute of Technology, is grown on organic substrates, and made in semi-natural condition which is the first model in Vietnam, thanks to the special climatic advantages of Sapa – “Everest of Vietnam” (which is similar to Tibet). The product is tested to prove a high content of bioactive substances.

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Enfoliv – Ampelopsis Cantoniensis

Ampelopsis cantoniensis (Vine Tea) is called “Che day” in Vietnam and has been used as a traditional treatment for inflammatory diseases. In folk medicine, "che day" is used as a daily tea substitute, supporting the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers, clearing heat, cooling the liver, detoxifying, sedating, and helping to sleep.

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Our Footprint

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Clinically Researched

There are many clinical studies on the science and application of the product 

Ability Supply

With an area of ​​70 hectares, with an output of 2,000 tonsof fresh leaves per year

Sustainable development

The first and only Vietnamese business to become a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT)

Produce traceability

From Farm To Product, From Harvesting to Processing

Strict quality control system

Strict control system from input to output to get the highest quality products.

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