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Liver health, Gastrointestinal health, Healthy blood levels, Healthy cholesterol levels, Lipid metabolism


Food, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care.

Product Information

Sa Pa is known when there are many famous specialties from food to valuable medicinal herbs ... Of which artichokes are considered a special plant, clean and precious medicinal herbs, which are becoming special.



The fresh climate plus favorable weather makes Sa Pa become a good land for artichokes. 

Artichoke extract is a standardized herbal extract made from the leaf of Cynara scolymus L., cultivated in the special highland area of Vietnam – Sapa – “Everest of Vietnam”,  which has been recognized by Oriental Medicine as producing the best quality and cleanest in Asia.

Thanks to the special climatic conditions of Sapa, Artichoke Extract is considered to have a high content of active medicinal ingredients and the economic efficiency that medicinal plants bring, opening up a way to help people in SaPa increase economical condition. Our extraction process commences within 24 hours of the Cynara scolymus being harvested, capturing the fresh artichoke leaf bioactive contents in the extract.




Cynara scolymus L is rich in caffeoylquinic acids (such as chlorogenic acid and cynarin) and flavonoids. Caffeoylquinic acids play a major role in bile formation, bowel function and hepatoprotective activities while the flavonoids of the plant inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis and LDL oxidation. In addition; cynarin, chlorogenic acid and luteolin show antioxidant activities.




Artichoke extract preparations are used for the detoxification of the body, gastrointestinal well-being and digestive disorders such as dyspepsia with a sensation of fullness, bloating and flatulence. Bioactive compounds found in artichoke leaves have diuretic, choleretic and detoxifying activities.


Traditional used:


  • to help maintain and support healthy liver function.
  • as a hepatoprotectant to protect the liver.
  • to promote bile flow from liver, choleretic. 
  • as bitter tonic to stimulate gastric secretions.
  • as an alternative, blood cleanser, depurative, purifier.