Enfoliv Cordyceps - Pure gold in the snow of Sapa, Vietnam

Cordyceps militaris is an entomopathogenic fungus with many medicinal values similar to Cordyceps sinensis and has been used for a long time in traditional medicines. Different from Cordyceps sinensis, which has very low mass production and only grows in natural environment, the fungus Cordyceps militaris can be farmed in artificial conditions. Therefore, collecting of technical information and researches will help promoting the production of Cordyceps militaris in Vietnam to satisfy the demand of national and abroad markets. 



Enfoliv Cordyceps stands out as the first Cordyceps militaris in Vietnam to be cultivated through the innovative "Semi-Natural" process, setting it apart in the following ways:


Japanese Mushroom Strain Certification:


The mushrooms are derived from a Japanese strain officially recognized by the Institute of Biology and Technology of Japan. Few entities actively cultivate and hold certification for the origin of their mushroom strains.


"Semi-Natural" Cultivation Process:


Elipha employs a unique cultivation model labeled "Semi-Natural," utilizing organic and health-friendly materials. This method is designed to capture the essence of the mystical Sa Pa region's sky and earth, presenting a pioneering approach to Enfoliv Cordyceps cultivation in Vietnam.


Rigorous Control by Traphaco Sapa - the top pharmaceutical company of Vietnam:


As a pharmaceutical company, Traphaco Sapa meticulously oversees the cultivation process, maintaining strict aseptic conditions. This ensures the exclusion of harmful microorganisms and foreign fungi, guaranteeing the safety of the final product.


Environmentally Friendly Containers:


In contrast to other methods, Enfoliv Cordyceps is cultivated in neutral glass containers, chosen for their health and environmental benefits. This choice avoids the potential chemical reactions that can occur between cultivation container components and the environment. The use of plastic containers, especially under high-temperature sterilization, is known to risk product safety and quality due to potential toxicity.

In essence, Enfoliv Cordyceps 's commitment to the "Semi-Natural" cultivation process represents a groundbreaking advancement in Vietnam, offering a safe, high-quality product with a unique approach to mushroom cultivation.