Artichoke – A Gift From The Nature

The artichoke with the scientific name of Cynara Scolynus Lour was brought to Vietnam by the French and cultivated in temperate climates, especially in Da Lat, Tam Dao and Sapa. This famous tourist destination for nearly 20 years now. Actiso is made into tea, high to help cool the liver, detoxify, very suitable to buy as a gift of clean Sapa specialties.


Artichoke flower


Artichoke flowers are rated to have the best quality and have a lot of good uses for health. Artichokes are cool, water is light and light sweet. In 100g of artichoke cotton, containing 3 – 3.15g Protein, 0.1 – 0.3g Lipid, 11 – 15g Glucid and 82g water. It has long been considered a valuable medicinal ingredient that helps foster health and cures a wide range of diseases, rich in vitamins and minerals, fatigue, energy, good antibacterial, clear heat, detoxify liver, liver and bile benefits, good for the digestive system,…


To use artichokes, very simple. You only need to wash through dried artichokes, submerge, boil for about 15-20 minutes. A few more rock sugar tablets, you will have 1 cup of aromatic tea, delicious, very good for health. Use about 10 – 20g of artichoke flower tea daily like green tea for best results.


However, do not overuse artichokes. If used in excess, there will be additional complications caused by artichokes such as liver damage, spasms of smooth muscles of the digestive system, abdominal distention, tired body.


Currently, Actiso trees are cultivated, harvested, and produced according to GACP-WHO process (Certificate of Good Plantation and Harvesting Practice recommended by the Organization. World Health) and is accompanied by the BioTrade project funded by the European Union (EU) only in Ta Phin and Sa Pa communes. Traphaco Sapa Company buy them to produce and process according to GACP-WHO standards into products such as tea and tall tea. This is also the first medicinal plant in the North to be recognized as GACP international standard.


You can buy these clean Actiso Sapa products at  ancient church, Sapa market, Fansipan cable car racking station.